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Accessory Software File Viewer Express 3.6 Full Version
File Viewer is a Disk Management Utility in combination with a viewer. Search your Computer for Pictures, Sounds, Music, Documents, Database, Spread Sheets, and Audio-Video Files. You can View, Print, or Send and Receive Files over the internet using E-Mail. A large number of Files can be organized in a database over a Local Network for quick access. Picture Editing with Copy / Paste. Copy files to another computer, disk, or external media. Batch Copy, Rename, Delete, Move, and Zip File Creation.

  • File Viewer Express – Search for many common file types, or groups of file types, display, print, organize or send files over the internet.
  • Find and Display Pictures, Videos, Sounds, Music, Text Files, Documents, DataSnap Database Files on your computer.
  • Picture File Types supported are JPG, JPG2000, GIF, uncompressed TIF, TIFF, BMP, ICO, PCX, WMF, EMF, PSD, PNG, TGA, etc.
  • View Text, DOC (Word), HTM, HTML, SHTML, SHTM, ASP, PNP, PDF, RTF, WRI, SYS, BAT, BAK, LST, INI, DOS, WPS, CDS (Datasnap) Files.
  • Find phrases, letters and numbers in Text Files.
  • Quick Color editing and resizing of pictures or images.
  • Find and Play WAV, MID, WMA, WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, MOV, MP3.
  • Separate and multiple Play Lists for Music and Video Files.
  • Some Image Editing features as Contrast, Brightness, Resize etc.
  • Quick Print of Pictures, Text, Documents, Database (Access,Excel) and DataSnap (cds) files that are viewable by File Viewer Express.
  • Print a list of all occurrences of a file or searchable file types on your disk or CD Rom, and save in a Text File.
  • Send Files you can find with File Viewer Express by E-Mail if you use a stand alone E-Mail Program as Outlook Express..
  • Receive Files over the internet by same E-Mail Tab.
  • Organize any number of files in groups you create, and define in your own file database, with easy tabular viewing for quick location, and retrieval of frequently used files.
  • Sort and View Cataloged Files by Name, Description, Search Word, and Groups you define.
  • Organize your entire disk with one procedure, automatically grouping files as Pictures, Sounds,
  • Music, Video, Text, Documents, Database, or Spread Sheets using File Cataloging.
  • Set your own style for Windows, List boxes, Entry Fields, and ThumbNails.
  • Complete Help Text for easy program use.
  • Window’s Explorer Style Interface, and click for viewing of supported files.
  • Supports source view of Adobe PDF Files !
  • Windows version views MS Access, Paradox, Excel and SQLLite Database Files.
  • Create Slide Shows of Photo Albums with music from Play Lists and Transitional Effects.
  • Organize Pictures in Photo Albums, Videos and Music in Play Lists, Documents, Text, and Database Files in Lists.
  • Get Photos from the internet.
  • Share Photos and Text over the Network with other computers running File Viewer Express 2.0, Photo Snap 6.9 or Photo Show !
  • Exchange Multimedia Files between File Viewer Express running on PC or WiFi Network and File Viewer Express on Android !
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