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FileSearchEX Multilingual Full Version
FileSearchEX is the no nonsense file search utility for Windows. It offers the simplified search interface like Windows XP, yet in an updated and modern fashion. Unlike other search tools, FileSearchEX works well with limited account permissions.
  • Windows desktop search tool with native look and feel.
  • Search the contents of PDF files, Word documents, etc.
  • Search mobile devices and virtual folders.
  • Search network shares and UNC paths.
  • Runs with user permissions respecting domain security.
  • Users don’t need to learn a new file search utility, XP style search.
FileSearchEX runs well with LUA & SRP (locked down) accounts while still being easy to install by network administrators. Indeed, no installer is needed and admin rights are not required. No matter what software you have on your business systems, users will find it refreshing to have FileSearchEX’s simplified search interface available to them.

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