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Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller Multilingual
Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller is able to uninstall programs from your computer. Although its functionality does not seemingly differ from the Windows built-in feature dedicated to this task, the application also scans the computer for leftover files and registry entries, in order to ensure the complete removal of a product. The interface is pretty intuitive. After scanning your computer for all installed programs, Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller breaks down the items by name, publisher, install date, version, and size.

In case of some products, the application is also capable of modifying or repairing them if any issues occur with the installer or during runtime. In addition, you can refresh the list of programs as well as change the interface skin.
Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller quickly carries out an uninstall and leftover removal job while using a normal amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs have been shown throughout our evaluation, and the app did not hang or crash. We have not come across any issues.

Unfortunately, a batch mode for removing programs is not available, nor a search function for locating entries in the list when dealing with numerous tools. On top of that, Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller can take a long time to scan for all installed products, especially on busier hard drives and it does this at every startup.
All in all, Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller provides a fast and clean method for removing programs and their leftovers from their computer, enabling novices and advanced users alike to keep a tidy hard drive.

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