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Kerish Doctor 2018 4.70 Multilingual Full Patch
Kerish Doctor – a comprehensive solution for the care of your computer, which contains the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time and securely fixes registry errors. The application regularly produces the most perfect and safe cleaning system from accumulating digital “trash”, as well as the optimal way increases productivity of its work.

Kerish Doctor protects computers from malware and potential vulnerabilities, controlling important from the viewpoint of computer security settings. Smart Update system promptly update the database applications that are regularly upgraded by our experts. With this system, the effectiveness of the established complex increases every day and makes it the most promising in its class.

Kerish Doctor – a complete solution for automatic maintenance of a computer running Windows.
The program offers two modes of operation. In real-time mode Kerish Doctor in the background to protect the system and automatically corrects errors automatically, displays a notification about the work done. The program starts with Windows startup.

In classic mode the user runs and works with the app on their own, as required. The application is not in the Windows startup and runs in the background.

Key features Kerish Doctor

  • Preventing Windows failures in real-time
  • Fix Registry Error
  • Computer Monitoring Temperature
  • Cleaning of a digital “trash”
  • Removal of old application cache
  • Cleaning invalid sections and shortcuts
  • Accelerate gaming applications
  • Optimization of Windows settings and operation system services
  • Speed ​​Optimization
  • Internet connection
  • Malware Protection
  • Troubleshooting Windows and installed software vulnerabilities
  • Control of significant events PC
The main components of Kerish Doctor
Kerish Doctorostoit several components working independently. Enable or disable certain components can be in the main application window. In the classic work of all components of the mode is automatically disabled because the application components are designed to work in the background.

Error correction
This component is responsible for the computer’s monitor for potential faults and their prevention. Also component periodically checks your computer for errors and inconsistencies in the registry and fix them.

Cleaning digital “trash”
This component is responsible for the computer analysis of the presence of a digital “rubbish” and clean it. The work of this component does not affect the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin, and does not affect the operation of applications and user data. Objects and conditions of their analysis on the digital sign of “garbage” are the basis of these algorithms. Timely update of this database will provide the most effective computer cleanup.

Protect your computer
This component is responsible for the full range of measures to protect your computer. It continuously monitors to detect malicious and potentially unwanted programs, analyzes the behavior of programs running and protects important files, check the operating system and installed software for vulnerabilities.

computer Monitoring
This component is responsible for notification of significant events on your computer. These events include: the emergence of new programs in the startup, installation of new system services, installation of new extensions for web browsers, change of address start page of Internet browsers, the emergence of new jobs in the Windows scheduler, etc. By default, most of these events, the program will show an alert to the possibility of deviation of the incident action. This will help keep your computer under control and prevent unwanted startup programs in Windows, or, for example, unwanted changes the start page favorite internet browser.

Accelerate gaming applications
This component is responsible for the increase in performance in gaming applications. The component monitors the run game applications that are in the “Game Mode”. If you run the game application produced a series of actions aimed at, in order to relieve the operating system and focus the full potential of its work solely on the gameplay. After completing the game application is restored to normal operation.

System Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 x86 / 64
Language: Multilingual

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